Depictions of Technology in Black Mirror

[SPOILER ALERT FOR S1E3 BLACK MIRROR] I started watching Black Mirror about a year ago when the only episode on Netflix was the season two Christmas special: "White Christmas". I was engaged by the dark visions they had for future technology and started watching the first season the moment it was released to Canada. While... Continue Reading →


The Impact of Social Media on the World

From the class discussions and presentations, my own experiences, and the knowledge I gained from researching my own presentation, I feel that social media has had an overall negative impact on the world. Coming to that conclusion, however was a lot more complicated than a simple yes/no. You see, the internet is a confusing and... Continue Reading →

Post-Placement Reflection

I was assigned the physics probe placement along with two other people. The task was fairly simple, research and teach ourselves how to use the LabQuest2 units with accompanying probes for applications in the physics curriculum and then present our findings to one of the physics teachers at our school. We quickly realized that there... Continue Reading →

Learning Strategies Reaction

In the last two weeks I have discovered that I have a terrible work ethic and am one of the LEAST efficient people, probably in the world. However this is a positive thing. My implementation of the Pomodoro method revealed many things, most of which I already knew though. But having the hard evidence in... Continue Reading →

The Pomodoro Technique

In the late 1980s, Francesco Cirillo was well into university. He came up with a method to manage his time that utilized a tomato shaped kitchen timer, dividing his work periods into 25 minute blocks with small breaks in-between. He named this technique "The Pomodoro Technique" since pomodoro is italian for tomato. This work strategy... Continue Reading →

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