Technology and 21st Century Learning

I don’t feel like I’m being prepared adequately for my future. The educational system is simply not able to prepare me for a job that doesn’t even exist yet. At the rate the job market is expanding and evolving, there’s no way to predict the future. However, I don’t feel like school is giving me any of the soft skills that I need to be successful in the future. The careers course I took at the start of high school was archaic. The idea that if I pick a job midway through high school, take courses specific to that job and go to post secondary specifically for that job and be guaranteed a job is extremely outdated.

This isn’t to say that schools are completely outdated. Depending on the course, teachers use plenty of technology to enhance and improve the learning experience. I myself prefer courses with more technology, since it’s an environment I grew up in and am therefore more comfortable in. Personally, the small advantages that technology gives me (like typing instead of writing, or googling instead of cracking open an encyclopedia) make all the difference. Google Drive is where I take most of my notes now. I’m far more organized and my notes are much neater than they used to be.

Not every class has to be full of computers though. I much prefer doing my math with a pencil and paper instead of on a laptop screen. While a teacher’s use of technology can be important to me, what takes priority is their teaching style. The tech is great, but if it can’t be utilized properly to enrich education, there isn’t much point in it being there. An example that comes to mind of this is digital classroom environments. Many teachers seem to use them to assign homework and post other notices. However, these digital classrooms can do so much more than function as a bulletin board. While some teachers do make full use of them, I’d like to see more teachers utilize all the tools of a digital classroom to assign/collect work, post marks, answer questions and more.


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