Learning Strategies Reaction

In the last two weeks I have discovered that I have a terrible work ethic and am one of the LEAST efficient people, probably in the world. However this is a positive thing. My implementation of the Pomodoro method revealed many things, most of which I already knew though. But having the hard evidence in front of me is slowly forcing a change of habit. It was easy enough to implement, I downloaded an app on my phone that would time 25 minute intervals and track a small to-do list. The most interesting thing I’ve observed is the change in my mindset. While my procrastination is far from fixed, I’m far more aware of the issues I have with my work ethic and have begun to take steps towards fixing it.

I’ve also noticed a few small things that have changed in the last ~2 weeks in regards to whether or not the Pomodoro method is having any effect. For starters, the time it takes for me to complete a lot of the more straightforward tasks is a lot shorter. Math work, for instance, goes by a lot faster when I’m on track. The timer makes it feel like a mini quiz, pushing me to finish the question by the next Pomodoro. I’ve also taken to making small to-do lists when faced with a series of small tasks to maintain a sense of accomplishment. I still need to work on staying on task with more complex work sessions (projects lasting longer than 3 hours).

I think I’m going to continue with the Pomodoro method, as I feel that with time my productivity will increase. Improving myself as a worker will be crucial for my university life, so I really hope that the Pomodoro method will help me change for the better.


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